February 21, 2019

4 tips to ensure your homeowner’s insurance will cover your fallen tree

Every spring dozens of violent thunderstorms rip through the southeast, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Most often trees bear the brunt of the damage – and anything standing in that tree’s way, including your home, car and property.

If you want to avoid that helpless feeling the next time a storm bears down on your house the time to act is now.

In fact, this is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge of how homeowner’s insurance and tree falling in Georgia options play out.

Here’s four things you can do to both prepare your property and react quickly should you find yourself the victim of a felled tree.

  1. Check your homeowner’s policy – In all likelihood, your policy should protect your home and other structures, such as a fence or shed, against specific causes of loss, known as perils. Covered perils typically include damage caused by wind. So, the situation that causes a tree to fall is important.
  2. Prevention is the best medicine – Check all the trees on your property; are any dying, diseased or in a perilous position? Is the tree hollowed out? Are there branches hanging by a thread, or is the tree leaning precariously? If the answer to any of these is yes, you should go ahead and call a tree service, and get a professional to remove it before its weakened position sees it fall. While insurance may pay for the damage, you can bet your rates will raise in that event as well.
  3. Look at the trees nearby: If your neighbor has a tree in danger of falling on your property, beware. Your homeowners policy should cover any damages from a neighbor’s tree — unless it is diseased or decaying. If it is weakening and causing apparent danger, then law in Georgia states that the owner of the tree is liable for damages.
  4. Do NOT attempt to remove any tree yourself – OK, say you’ve found a tree that needs removing — or the storm has come, knocked a tree down, and you need it gone immediately. Unless you’re an experienced lumberjack, it is paramount that you hire a professional and insured tree removal company to handle the job safely.

Silver City Tree Services meets all of those requirements, and we’re right here in north Georgia.

Our experienced, professional team will remove both standing and felled trees with precision, safety and speed. And because we have a 24/7 emergency service line — 706-429-2083 — you can rest assured that we will get to your downed tree as soon as possible.

Headquartered in Dawson County, Silver City Tree Service responds to calls throughout northeast Georgia including Alpharetta, Dahlonega, Dawsonville, and Gainesville. We are also glad to help homeowners throughout metro Atlanta. We also provides free audits and estimates for any job.

When it comes to trees and the potential damage they can cause you want peace of mind. Family-owned Silver City Tree Service is ready to step in and provide that contentment. Contact us today at 404-925-4013.