May 30, 2018

Affordable Tree Services

Silver City Tree Service is proud to offer affordable tree services to residential and commercial customers across north Georgia. We understand that tree maintenance can get expensive, especially with a large-scale project. We aim to keep our costs low through our:

Hands-On Expertise: We try to do as much work as possible by hand, which eliminates the cost of expensive equipment and helps protect your grass and landscaping. We recognize that some projects warrant the use of extra equipment, but we aim to only use it when necessary, such as cases where it helps us be more efficient. Our team is knowledgeable in how to safely and properly use hand-held devices and manual techniques that accomplish your needs with less cost.

Small Business Operation: We are a family-owned and locally operated team. We strive to run a lean operation with low overhead costs. That includes being responsible in the purchases of our trucks and equipment and hiring reliable, trained crews that understand how to work efficiently and safely and avoid downtime. By keeping our internal costs low, we can pass cost savings onto our customers.

Insurance Claims Policy: We gladly work with homeowners or business insurances to file claims for tree projects that improve the safety of a property or remove a tree after damage from an accident or storm. We do our best to make the insurance process as simple and straightforward as possible. For many people, an insurance claim provides a significant cost savings and eliminates future hazards or problems.

If you are looking for an affordable tree service, look no further than Silver City Tree Service. Please contact us for a professional recommendation or free estimate. Our team will meet you on your property for a free, on-site assessment and will provide you with a project quote. We are available 24/7 and can offer competitive pricing and fast scheduling for many projects.