December 27, 2018

Emergency Tree Removal – Winter Storms in Georgia

As just about anyone who has lived through a Georgia ice storm will tell you, it’s not the ice so much as the trees that will get you.

Every winter it seems that north Georgia experiences at least one paralyzing ice storm, and each year those storms claim hundreds of trees, as the weight of the ice brings them crashing to earth — often onto power lines, yards, driveways and houses.

It is a nightmare come to life.

When and if that happens you want a rapid response from a reliable and trustworthy source that will provide emergency tree removal no matter the time of need.

Silver City Tree Service is that source.

A second-generation, family-owned company, and we feature a 24-hour response line — 706-429-2083 — that ensures that, no matter when or where you are stricken by one of those fall-ing giants, you will be freed as soon as possible.

And just because the tree is on the ground does not mean the harm is finished — especially if you try to remove it yourself. Just like a standing tree, there are many hazards to cutting up and safely removing a downed tree — many of them potentially deadly for those with little experience in the task. But Silver City Tree Service has both the experience and professionalism to make the job as pain-free as possible in what is already a tough situation.

There is no more helpless feeling than knowing you are stuck without power or, worse, suffer-ing home damage due to a felled tree. And our emergency tree removal will help get you back on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

And if a tree does fall on a power line near your home make sure your first call is to 911, and DO NOT approach the line or the tree, as emergency and utility services will handle the re-moval. But if a tree falls on your property, make sure you have our emergency response num-ber handy — 706-429-2083.

Silver City Tree Service is also happy to set up an appointment to come judge potentially damaging trees on your property and remove them before winter weather brings them crash-ing to earth — and on to anything in their way.

However, we also understand that there are times when prevention just isn’t possible. So when old man winter gets the better of the trees on your property give Silver City Tree Service call and we’ll have our emergency tree removal on site as soon as possible.

To contact Silver City Tree Service and set up an appointment, please call 404-925-4013. But if you face an emergency, please call our 24-hour help line at 706-429-2083.