October 27, 2016

Fall Tree Care

Autumn leavesKeeping your trees healthy this fall doesn’t require extensive time or costly projects. Here are a few tips that you can easily conquer with the help of a tree care professional:

Add mulch for insulation – Before cold weather strikes, add mulch around the base of trees to provide some extra insulation and help them retain water.

Water during the dry spells – Trees still need adequate water, even when the temperatures outside are dropping. Make sure to water trees when it’s cool outside, not freezing, to better ensure that the water makes it to the roots and doesn’t cause any harm.

Prune where appropriate – Fall is an ideal time to prune trees because many of them are dormant and the tree structure is easy to see. Identify any dangerous or unhealthy limbs, branches or trees on your property that might become hazardous after winter snow or ice storms. Consult a tree care professional about the best method to ensure healthy growth for your trees once spring arrives.

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