Tree Service Frequently Asked Questions

Do you tear up my yard with your equipment?

Absolutely not! We strive to protect your entire yard while we work. We preserve the surrounding landscape, including plants, bushes and flowers because we understand that your yard is important to you, therefore it’s important to us. We strive to be minimally disruptive because we know you have a busy life and things to get done. Additionally, we try to do as much work by hand as possible, and only bring in “heavy” equipment when it’s absolutely necessary.


Can you work on trees in hard-to-get-to spots on my property?

We work mostly with our hands, which allows us to access very compact spaces. Our employees are agile and are climbing masters. You’d be amazed how we can remove trees from minuscule spaces. We only bring in large equipment when it’s ABSOLUTELY required.


If you cut down trees, do you really care about them?

Yes, we absolutely care about trees. Most of the trees we remove are diseased, damaged or dangerous. We really respect trees, and want them to be as healthy and aesthetically pleasing as possible. But when there is a problem and trees have to come down, Silver City Tree Service is on the job.


What happens if there is a problem while you’re working on my property?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve never had an accident on the job, that we’ve never had to file an insurance claim on the job and that we work tirelessly on your behalf. Should something go wrong, we’ll make it right, whatever it takes. We carry all the necessary business liability and workers compensation insurance policies so that you can rest assured you’ll get a quality service from us.


Can a tree grow back after you remove the stump?

Some types of trees are more resilient than others. Our team can provide a professional recommendation on whether there is a risk for re-growth and how we can best prevent it.