August 24, 2016

Keeping Disasters at Bay: The Importance of Regular Tree Maintenance

Man trimming back branchTake a walk around your yard and chances have it that you most likely will not see too many life threatening trees encroaching on your home. Still, there could very well be a limb or two that are a little too close for comfort. Or perhaps there is a tree that appears weak, and you’re not sure how many more storms it can endure.

Many homeowners get complacent with these scenarios, and they think, “Oh, that tree will be fine.” If there’s one thing we’ve learned in nearly 20 years of business, it’s that many tree disasters could have been minimized, if not prevented, from regular tree maintenance.

Tree maintenance doesn’t have to be some large undertaking. It can be as simple as:

  • Trimming dead branches
  • Removing branches over your roof
  • Pruning foliage to accommodate healthy growth
  • Strengthening tree trunks

Many of these projects are simple, affordable, and most of all, can save you from an expensive and stressful situation that might arise during the next storm.

If you’ve got a tree that you’ve been neglecting, or one where you could use a second opinion, contact us. We’re happy to provide our professional recommendations and offer free project quotes.