March 12, 2018

Spring Tree Care Checklist

tree branch in the spring

Many people look forward to spring because it’s a beautiful season full of new growth, but they forget that it’s important to prepare for this growth to make sure it’s healthy and sustainable. The trees on your property are certainly no exception when it comes time to get plants “springtime ready.” To help with this process, we’ve put together a spring tree care checklist. By following these four steps, your trees will be well poised for a healthy spring:

Prune: Since trees are still relatively bare, now is a good time to inspect them for signs of damage or disease, including insects or water damage. Eliminate damaged or diseased branches. Consider removing trees that are at-risk or in bad health. Support healthy growth by trimming trees to remove unstable or unsafe limbs.

Plan: Prepare trees for spring storms early! Before severe weather arrives, remove weak limbs and cable or brace any trees that need reinforcement. If an entire tree needs removal, go ahead and get it scheduled with a professional to avoid it being a hazard during high winds or rain.

Plant: Plant new trees where desired in accordance with recommendations for that particular tree species. Because every plant has specific needs when it comes to soil and sunlight, we recommend consulting with a landscape professional to make sure your planting location will support healthy growth and doesn’t present any risks.

Protect: Mulch, fertilize and inspect your home’s trees as part of your ongoing yearly maintenance. Report any tree hazards close to your home that are the responsibility of your county or city.

As always, please contact us if we can be of any help. We provide free on-site estimates and are available 24/7 for emergency situations.