Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Let’s face it, tree stumps can be a blight on an otherwise beautiful landscape. Besides that, tree stumps can present a physical hazard, as well as an attraction for unwelcome pests. Yet stump removal is not a simple task thanks to the hardiness of so many species of tree that grow here in north Georgia.

That is why stump grinding is something that Silver City Tree Service recommends for a number of our clients and is a facet of tree removal that we take seriously.

What is stump grinding?

Not to be confused with stump removal, stump grinding is cheaper and less invasive than full stump removal. That said, stump grinding still allows us to remove visible signs of the stump. We do this by literally grinding away at the remaining structure of the stump. It is a relatively quick process and allows us to rid your property of these unsightly/hazardous structures without damaging the surrounding landscape and without impacting other areas of your property.

Why grind up stumps?

  • Safety – Stumps are a trip hazard, both for anyone playing in or running around the yard (especially children) or for any equipment used in lawn/yard care (such as lawnmowers or trimmers). So why keep an unnecessary risk like that in place?
  • Pests – Slowly decaying stumps and root systems are often a welcome home for beetles, termites, ants and other wood-eating critters that you do not want anywhere near your home or property. Grinding the stump will get rid of a potential pest buffet.
  • Beauty – Beyond the possible problems they pose, stumps can often just be plain ugly. They can also lend a look of carelessness to even the most otherwise manicured lawn/yard.

Stump Grinding Process

Unlike stump removal, the stump grinding process leaves the roots in the ground. Our team grinds the stump down until it is several inches below the dirt’s surface. If any part of the stump remains visible, it is often a small amount, which will be covered in dust and dirt. This remaining part often decays with the roots underground. When we are finished, small pieces of stump will remain. These are great to use as mulch around your yard or in landscaping.

Can a stump grow back after the stump grinding is complete? Some trees are more resilient than others, and we can advise you if there’s a possibility of regrowth.

Contact us to learn more about stump grinding or to receive a free quote on your project.

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