Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Silver City Tree Service provides a cost-effective alternative to stump removal that still rids your yard of unwanted stumps. Our stump grinding process gets rid of unsightly stumps without damaging the surrounding landscape and without impacting other areas of your property. It’s also significantly cheaper than stump removal because the process is much faster.

Stump Grinding Process

Unlike stump removal, the stump grinding process leaves the roots in the ground. Our team grinds the stump down until it is several inches below the dirt’s surface. If any part of the stump remains visible, it is often a small amount, which will be covered in dust and dirt. This remaining part often decays with the roots underground. When we are finished, small pieces of stump will remain. These are great to use as mulch around your yard or in landscaping.

Can a stump grow back after the stump grinding is complete? Some trees are more resilient than others, and we can advise you if there’s a possibility of regrowth.

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