June 17, 2016

Summer Tree Care Checklist

Tree Branch With Blooms
Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to roll out our summer tree care checklist. Below are some tips to help keep your trees healthy during the hot months ahead.

Inspect limbs.

Over the course of winter and spring, tree branches can start to weaken and lean or break off. Extreme rainy seasons can contribute to weakening tree limbs. During the summer, assess your trees and identify any tree branches that appear to be weak. Be sure to check for insects, diseases or fungus that are present. Contact a tree professional to assist with hazardous tree branches or infestations that are causing tree damage.

Provide water in dry seasons.

Summers in the south are known for being very hot. Many times, draughts can occur and plants will begin to suffer. During these dry spells, it’s important to water your trees to protect them from heat damage. Before starting a watering schedule, make sure you consider the maturity and type of tree. Local tree professionals can make recommendations on watering methods, frequency and time of day for specific types of trees.

Prune appropriately.

Summer pruning helps promote healthy tree growth in addition to improving curb appeal. With the right shaping and trimming, tree branches can grow stronger, and plants under your trees can receive the right amount of sunlight and shade. Inadequate methods of pruning, like topping, can create more problems than they solve including leaving your tree vulnerable to insect and fungal infestations.

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