July 27, 2018

Summer Tree Care

tree during the summerWhile the summer isn’t typically the best time to prune trees, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your trees maintain their health. Here are just 5 summer tree care tips to help you during the hottest time of the year.

1. Fertilizing your trees.

To ensure your trees have the right nutrition to support leaf and branch growth, fertilize your trees. Fertilizing your trees during the summer helps get rid of disease. Also, the closer you are to the Atlanta area, the more likely your trees need support due to the high-stress they can be put under due to air quality.

2. Getting rid of pests.

While many of your standard tree pests show up in the spring, bugs such as bagworms and japanese beetles are active in the summer. One tip for summer tree care is ensuring your trees are treated for pests as needed. If your trees are damaged beyond repair, contact us and we’ll be glad to remove them for you.

3. Mulch.

One of the primary ways to care for your trees this summer is to mulch. And, it’s not too late to spread mulch around your trees. Doing so can help prevent certain types of bugs and to limit weed growth around them.

4. Pruning to prevent future damage.

As we mentioned above, summer time isn’t always the best time for pruning, but it is storm season. Sometimes you must consider trimming limbs that could fall or bracing your trees or its limbs to prevent falling. It’s best to address any concerns now so that you can prevent property or even personal damage in the future.

5. Watering your trees.

Fortunately, this summer has been incredibly wet in Georgia so watering your trees may not be a concern. However, if it is a dry summer, remember that you need roughly 1 inch of water every week to two weeks to cover your tree’s roots. We would recommend that you water deeper and less frequent than doing light watering more frequently.

We hope this helps and if you need a tree removed, inspected or pruned, don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote.