December 20, 2017

Tips for Winter Weather

trees with snow on themWinter weather is on its way, and now is the time to start preparing your trees for cold temperatures and the snow and ice that can accompany them. Here are three straightforward tips to keep in mind during the winter months:

Inspect for any disease or damage. Many trees are dormant in the winter, so this season can be an ideal time to inspect for possible problems. With the leaves gone, you have a clear picture of any disease or damage on the tree. Take note of any weak-jointed branches, tree wounds, discolorations or even the presence of pests. If the tree needs pruning or removal, schedule your appointment with a professional before a winter storm hits.

Don’t shake ice or snow off trees. Despite what some may think, shaking ice or dense snow off trees can cause more harm than good. Trees are naturally flexible, and they may try to “snap back” after being shaken, causing limbs to break. Unless the snow is dry or fluffy, allow it to melt gradually. Your trees and branches should return to their normal position and state. If a limb is broken or damaged during a winter storm and needs pruning, wait until the weather allows and then prune it. Undamaged limbs should correct themselves, so avoid pruning if you don’t see damage.

Rinse excess salt off trees. Snow doesn’t pose as much of a threat to trees as the salt that is used to melt it. Too much sodium chloride can be harmful to a tree’s overall health, and trees that are close to roadways, parking lots or other areas that often get salted, can absorb too much sodium chloride. Do your best to remove any salted snow that is piling up against the trunk of your tree, and consider rinsing the tree and the soil around it once the storm is over. This process can help reduce the amount of salt in its system.

As always, use common sense when winter weather arrives. Avoid parking cars or standing under trees that have large amounts of snow or ice on them. Unless you see damage, let nature run its course and then assess your trees once the weather improves. Silver City Tree Service is available for free estimates & consultations, and we offer 24/7 emergency service. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance.