Tree Removal Insurance

Tree Removal Insurance

When a tree falls in the woods – it’s no big deal.

When a tree falls on your home or car? That is most definitely a big deal.

The truth is, falling trees, and the damage they cause, are some of the most common home insurance liability claims every year. And in north Georgia, which is full of beautiful trees – and more than its fair share of angry storms and tree blights – is subject to plenty of downed trees.

If your property suffers damage due to a fallen tree, know that Silver City Tree Service will come out as soon as possible and give you a free estimate for the work that needs to be done to safely and completely remove it. When working with insurance companies, we try our best to facilitate the most efficient and easy process for you. Our customers are our first priority, and we want to assist you whenever accidents happen.

Instances Requiring Insurance Claims

There is a whole range of reasons why you might require a filed insurance claims on a downed tree:

  • A tree on your property falls onto someone else’s property.
  • A tree on someone else’s property falls on your property.
  • A tree falls on other another trees – which may then cause other trees to fall or to make the standing tree a distinct fall hazard.
  • Trees falling on your vehicle
  • Trees falling on your house

There is also a language regarding downed trees and tree removal insurance considerations, including terminology such as “windthrow.” This phenomena states that a tree trunk acts as a lever and the force applied to the roots and trunk increases with height. In other words, the taller the tree, the higher the odds of the tree toppling. And knowledge like this can be extraordinarily helpful when dealing with a fallen tree and an insurance claim.

Meanwhile, willow, white pine and various maple species can be more likely to fall or have breakage during adverse weather. If you have any of these species on your property, please contact us so that we can assess their health, note their propensity to be damaged and determine if they are a threat to your landscape.

This information may also be crucial if you decide to have these trees removed prior to a storm or windthrow situation.

    To learn more about our tree insurance work, please contact us for a professional recommendation and a free, no-obligation quote.

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