Tree Pruning Service

Tree Pruning Service

Tree pruning may sound like a simple procedure; believe us, it is anything but. There is an exact method to pruning, and it should only be performed by a trained professional. Yet it can be absolutely essential to the health, not to mention the aesthetic beauty, of a number of trees.

Knowledge of how particular trees grow and the best times of year to effectively prune – without damaging the tree – are extremely important. And the tools to produce the best results are also essential.

That is why Silver City Tree Services is proud to provide pruning to residential and commercial customers across north Georgia. Pruning includes removing dead, diseased or otherwise unhealthy branches from a tree in order to promote healthy growth.

When done properly, pruning offers many benefits including:

  • • Preventing tree branches from harming other plants
  • Preserving the health of a tree
  • Promoting future foliage and growth

Regular tree pruning also helps to structurally strengthen trees and encourage healthy formations.

It is important to know the growth and life cycles of the trees found in our location, and Silver City Tree Service’s technicians have spent more than 20 years studying the trees of north Georgia. For instance, your considerations in pruning a fruit tree are often completely different to that of a normal deciduous tree or pine/conifer. Whatever the tree, however, our main goal is to produce something that is in the best and safest interest of our clients.

We also have experience providing precise pruning for a number of clients, so we can work with you – no matter if it is at your home, business or a large development – to provide the exact shape and look that you desire. And that also goes for city landscapes versus countryside projects. Whatever the particulars, we are here and ready to help. And, as always, we will explain each step of the process, so that you know exactly when and why we are performing specific services.

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Tree Pruning

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