July 20, 2016

Tree Removal Process

Cumming, GA Tree RemovalMany people wonder exactly how we remove trees safely and effectively. There are many factors that contribute to the answer, but here are a few that we definitely want our customers to understand:

We follow local laws and regulations. Your city and even neighborhood may have specific requirements for tree removal, and we do our due diligence to understand these regulations and abide by them.

We use a variety of methods. Some tree removal projects allow us to simply remove the tree branches and then work our way down the trunk by cutting chunks of the trunk off and letting them fall to the ground. We continue cutting down the tree trunk until the tree is gone. Smaller trees, or those that do not have much around them, can sometimes be cut at the base and allowed to fall over without the incremental cutting of the tree trunk. For situations not suitable for disrupting the ground at the bottom of the tree, our team can utilize rope equipment to catch branches and gently lower them to the ground. Stump grinding is available if needed.

We take a conservative approach. We are committed to doing as much work by hand as possible and strive to complete our tree removal projects with no heavy equipment. If it’s in the best interest of our customer, then we will utilize the needed equipment. Not only does this help protect your yard and landscaping, it also helps to save you money.

If you have a tree that needs to be removed, please contact us for a free quote. We will come on-site and perform a job audit, and discuss our recommendations with you before any work begins.