June 14, 2017

Time for Tree Removal? Three Questions to Ask

tree removal professionalTree removal isn’t a band-aid approach to any tree problem. If your tree is leaning, has some unruly branches or is presenting another problem, it’s important to perform a thorough risk assessment before investing the money to remove the tree. Here are three questions we recommend you ask before scheduling a tree removal project:

  1. Does the base of the tree have any issues? It’s important to inspect the soil and the base of the tree. If there is soil heaving around the base of the tree, it may indicate problems with the roots, which can jeopardize the trees stability and increase its chances for windthrow. Also note the presence of mushrooms or other fungi growing at the base of the tree. This type of growth produces decay and may jeopardize the long-term health of the tree.
  2. Is bark missing from the tree? Bark that is chipped, peeling or otherwise absent from the trunk may indicate that the tree is suffering from a disease or inadequate nutrition. Note if the bark is missing along any cracks, cavities or other specific locations on the tree’s trunk, base or its branches.
  3. Is the tree’s growth healthy? When assessing the health of a tree, take note of the branches that are in the top part of the tree, called the upper crown. If they are loosely hanging or appear dead, then the tree may be in bad health. Another item to look for is living buds on the ends of branches, which may be a sign the tree has enough nutrition to support new growth.

While these questions are not the only things to consider prior to tree removal, they can provide you with a helpful starting place to determine if you should contact a tree professional for a thorough risk assessment. Contact us to learn more.