December 15, 2016

Winter Storm Preparation

Winter tipsWinter storms, and the power outages and yard damage that can occur with them, are one of the unavoidable aspects of living in the South. If conditions are right, storms can yield any combination of snow, rain and ice for hours, if not days.

While these storms are inevitable, there are some ways you can prepare for them and safely deal with any post-storm conditions.

Remove any unhealthy or dangerous trees and branches around your home.
Heavy rain, snow and ice can add significant weight to trees around your home and may cause weak branches or trees to break and fall on your home.

Add insulation around important items that you don’t want to freeze.
Exterior faucet insulation is inexpensive and can help prevent frozen pipes. Make sure your home’s temperature stays above 55 degrees. You can also insulate your trees using a tree wrap or adding mulch around the base.

Avoid travel and stay indoors, but keep an eye on the conditions outside.
Roads are often dangerous during winter storms and conditions around your home can change quickly. Stay alert to any situations that present a risk to your home, such as water pooling on your roof or thick ice forming on trees.

Report any dangerous problems that you see immediately.
Downed power lines or trees falling in the road can accompany some winter storms. If these occur, call a professional to assess the situation. Never touch downed powerlines or try to remove objects that have fallen on them. Electricity may still be running through the powerlines.

Review our insurance claim tips before handling any storm damage around your house.
Understand what is covered under your insurance policy or by a neighbor’s policy before addressing the cost of storm damage.

At Silver City Tree Service, we want you to be prepared for a winter storm. If there are trees on your property that need attention, or if you’d like a professional recommendation, please contact us. As always, we offer 24/7 emergency service and handle insurance claims.