Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal

When emergency tree removal services are needed, time is of the essence. Silver City Tree Service is a local, Atlanta-based tree company that offers 24/7 emergency assistance. Did last night’s storm knock a tree down across your driveway? Is a limb or tree across your fence or on your house? During ice storm season some people claim to have tree removal expertise, but their true inexperience may cause your emergency to grow exponentially.

The professionals at Silver City Tree Service work with most major insurance companies and can quickly and affordably remove unwanted debris from your property. We have the experience and the tools to conquer any size emergency that may occur. We carry all the appropriate business licenses and insurance, so we can handle your crisis safely and efficiently.

For immediate assistance, please call 706-429-2083. You can also contact us to receive a quote.

Safety Concerns:

If a tree has fallen on a power line, be careful not to go near it. Call 911 and inform them of the situation. They can mobilize the right forces to come.

If a tree has fallen and broken a power line causing it to fall in water, stay clear of the water and call 911. The utility company can assist with getting this issue resolved.


How to Be Proactive

Emergencies are almost always a surprise and uncontrollable; however, there are a few preemptive actions you can take to protect your landscape. First, inspecting your trees on a regular basis is beneficial. There are four areas to check that include new leaves and buds, leaf size, twig growth and lack of the natural, steady death at the very top of trees.

Also, you can use mulch to protect your roots by surrounding your tree’s base with mulch. Fertilizing your trees is additionally advantageous to your trees’ health. Fertilizer provides your trees with crucial nutrients they require to grow and prosper. Pruning and trimming your trees can help safeguard them. Silver City Tree provides expertise on trimming and pruning trees because if not done properly, the practice can damage your foliage instead of protect it.

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