Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal

If a tree has fallen on your property and has damaged your home or automobile, is blocking your driveway, or is presenting a health and/or safety hazard in any way, DO NOT WASTE TIME. Call a professional and have it removed as soon as possible, as every wasted minute could produce further damage.

The trained and experienced professionals at Silver City Tree Service are ready to respond at a moment’s notice and will provide emergency tree removal in the safest, most efficient manner possible, 24/7 throughout north Georgia. Our experience can also help in dealing with your homeowner’s insurance claim.

For immediate assistance, please call 706-429-2083.

You can also contact us to receive a quote.


Do not approach ANY downed tree that is entangled in or on top of downed power lines. Call 911 and inform public safety authorities. They will also send immediate help in order to ensure no further damage.

Also, if a fallen tree causes a broken power to fall into water, stay clear of that body of water and call 911. The utility company will respond and assist in resolving this threat.


How many times have you looked at a project around your home and thought, “I can save a lot of time and money if I just look up a how-to video on the internet and get on with it?”

While that may be a great idea in many instances, trust us, when it comes to emergency tree removal, you need more than just a crash course (whether online or even in person). And in order to fully and safely remove a downed tree – especially one that is wedged into your roof, splayed across your car, tangled in power lines or jammed into another tree, just waiting to slam into another structure – you need an understanding that only comes with years of experience.

You also need access to a wide range of tools, and one chainsaw – no matter its make, model or condition – may not be enough.

Taking on something so intricate and potentially tricky as emergency tree removal with a do-it-yourself attitude is not only foolish, it is downright dangerous.

So, if you have suffered a downed tree that demands immediate removal, please call a professional as soon as possible, such as those at Silver City Tree Service.


After making our living by providing quality tree service throughout north Georgia for the last two decades, we know plenty about what brings a tree down and how to remove it without causing further damage.

And we’ve also seen plenty of instances where someone who claimed to know what they were doing only made the problem worse.

North Georgia experiences more than its fair share of tree-killing circumstances, from violent storms and winds, to winter ice, to prolonged deluges that weaken the red clay soil – not to mention blights and pests – there are plenty of reasons why trees unexpectedly fall. We have seen it all, and we have helped countless clients to deal with emergency situations, helping them to get on with their lives in the process.

Our knowledge and arsenal of tree-cutting and removal equipment means that we can respond to any size job in any setting throughout north Georgia. So, whether you live in a neighborhood in Gainesville, out in the Dawson County countryside or own a company in an Atlanta business park, we are here for and ready to help when you need us.

The professionals at Silver City Tree Service also work with most major insurance companies, which allows us to quickly and affordably remove unwanted debris from your property. We carry all the appropriate business licenses and insurance, so we can handle your crisis safely and efficiently.


While most tree falls are unexpected and often unavoidable, there are times when proactive, smart tree care can prevent emergencies.

That is why it is important to inspect the trees on your property a regular basis, in order to determine if there is a potential hazard that may be stopped in its tracks.

While inspecting your trees, be sure to look at four areas:

  • New leaves and buds – Is your tree producing new leaves? If not, it could be dying and therefore less stable
  • Leaf size – The smaller the leaf, the quicker it loses water and is therefore more vulnerable to droughts.
  • Twig growth – the methods that twigs grow – or don’t grow – reveal a lot about a tree’s health
  • The very top of trees – Called dieback, some trees suffer a gradual death of branches or plant shoots that spread from the tips inward to the trunk or stem. This can be caused by a number of factors, including disease or pests.

Other things to improve the health of your trees, include:

  • Mulch – Protect your tree’s roots by surrounding their base with mulch.
  • Fertilize – Give your trees the crucial nutrients they require to grow and prosper.
  • Prune and trim – Properly removing dead and dying branches can not only prevent them from falling unexpectedly but also keep your tree healthier overall.

Silver City Tree is happy to provide our expertise on all of these subjects and offers a regular tree service in order to help you avoid the dangers of unexpected treefall.

For immediate assistance, please call 706-429-2083. You can also contact us to receive a quote.


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