Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Cutting down a tree of any real size is not only tricky it can be downright dangerous. That is why it is always a good idea to consult a professional tree removal contractor if you have the need. (NOTE: Please do not ever cut down a tree on your property unless you consult someone with experience first; otherwise it could result in property damage, injury or death.)

For more than 20 years, Silver City Tree Service has provided countless customers across north Georgia with fast, safe and affordable tree removal. We are happy to help with any size task on any type of property – residential or commercial – and our approach allows you to relax and leave the heavy lifting to us.

We are fully insured and bonded and proud of the fact that we’ve never had an accident on the job or had to submit an insurance claim of any kind. That speaks to our careful, considerate approach to each job. And you will see that commitment in every phase of our business.

Before any tree removal, our team will develop a plan that mitigates risk while efficiently removing an unwanted tree. We meet one-on-one with our customers to determine the reasons why tree removal is needed.

You may be experiencing any one of these factors that necessitate tree removal:

  • A tree is fall danger (scroll down for a list that helps indicate if that is the case)
  • Root rot is present
  • You have a dead, dying or decaying tree
  • You feel the tree is unsafe
  • Changing aesthetics – when your yard needs a new look

If you live in north Georgia and find yourself in this position, please contact us today. From Alpharetta to Dahlonega and Gainesville to Woodstock – and many points nearby and in between – Silver City Tree Service has you covered. And since we have removed trees on properties as diverse as farms, subdivisions, business parks and apartment complexes, as well as other settings, we have the knowledge and experience to handle any situation safely and effectively. We are also committed to completing the job as efficiently as possible, using our hands and smaller tools (though we will certainly utilize our bigger equipment if necessary) in order to keep costs down and best protect the integrity of your landscape.

Know that Silver City still depends on the small-town ethics and approach that we were founded on 20 years ago in Dawson County, and you will see that difference from first contact.

Following are signs that point to an unstable tree and perhaps one that is in greater danger of a fall:

  • A trunk leaning more than 15 degrees – A tree with that amount of lean usually needs to be removed, simply due to risk.
  • Losing leaves from the outside in – This pattern can mean that something is wrong with the plant’s root zone. And, if roots are compromised, that means a weaker tree.
  • Rotten roots – Just like we said above, weak roots are bad news. Though this version of root problems is often hard to see. Fungus growth on the roots or near the base is an indicator.
  • A large hole in the trunk – This can be self-inflicted. For instance, when a tree prunes itself by dropping a branch it can lead to decay inside the tree. However, if there is enough sound wood around the hole, the tree is less likely to fall.
  • Cankers – An area where tree bark is missing, gashed or indented is called a “canker.” A canker can make a tree more likely to break at that spot.
  • Multiple dead or falling branches – A tree that’s dropping multiple bits of branches or entire branches is, in effect, shrinking the amount of mass it has to feed – which tells you it is unhealthy.

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