Tree Cutting Service

Tree Cutting Service

Silver City Tree Service offers comprehensive tree cutting services including trimming branches and foliage to improve the appearance of your trees. There are specific tools needed for cutting projects, and our trained tree cutters use the best tools to provide safe and efficient services. Our team has experience working a variety of tree cutting projects including:

  • Thinning out a dense cluster of branches or leaves
  • Cutting limbs that are near power lines
  • Removing large branches at the top of a tree to reduce its height
  • Eliminating low hanging branches over sidewalks or houses

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There are a number of benefits to tree cutting. First, trimming excessive growth can boost the tree’s health and also deter insects from entering the tree and causing damage. Secondly, if a tree isn’t trimmed correctly it can cause a dangerous situation where branches may fall and damage property or nearby power lines.

Tree cutting doesn’t have to be in response to a problem. Thinning out dense foliage or branches can increase sunlight and air, which is additionally beneficial to the tree. When properly taken care of, trees provide shade and climate moderation in addition to resisting soil erosion, aiding in good water and air quality and increasing property value and curb appeal.

Please contact us to learn more about our tree cutting services. We offer 24/7 emergency service and free quotes.

tree cutting service

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“Prompt, professional service and fantastic work. When Lance finishes, he leaves the area clean and neat, like he has never been there.”


“Very professional with reasonable prices. Would highly recommend these guys.”

Tyler B.

“He does excellent work. We hired him to take down a bunch of trees on Jensen Trail in Gainesville.”

Susan L. 

“They do GREAT work!!! Saved our home from a tree that was splitting at the fork to the ground. It was 4 1/2 ft in diameter. When it hit the ground, it split in half. Thank you Lance and crew. If you need tree service, call him.”

Doyle G.