Tree Cutting Service

Tree Cutting Service

At Silver City Tree Service, we offer far more than tree removal services. For example, look no further than our tree cutting service. At first glance, “tree cutting service” may sound like another way of saying “tree removal service.” In fact, it is anything but.

Tree cutting services includes trimming and cutting standing trees in order to promote their health, improve views and guard against potential hazards. And this type of tree care requires plenty of knowledge and experience, as well as the right tools to handle the job.

It is something that Silver City Tree Service has performed for a wide range of clients throughout north Georgia for more than two decades. And when you contract us, you can rest assured that we will perform the job with a commitment to maintaining the integrity and health of your trees, while completing the job safely and efficiently.

Why employ a tree cutting service?

There are a number of reasons to contact a professional tree care company when it comes to the maintenance of trees on your property. We can help you safely and comprehensively solve a number of tree concerns, including:

  • Cutting away any large, dead limbs that may be hanging over your property
  • Keeping any tree a safe height so that it does not grow too large and become a fall hazard
  • Trimming branches that have eliminated wanted sunlight on parts of your property – including over a garden or pool
  • Trimming the branches of any tree that has grown toward or become entangled in power lines/cables
  • Shaping a tree so that it grows in a particular direction

We possess both the knowledge and tools that allow us to safely and accurately shape your trees in just about whatever fashion you require. And our experience with trees and properties throughout north Georgia means that we can handle any situation.

What are the added benefits of a tree cutting service?

Beyond safety and improving the view on your property, there are a number of advantages to be gained from a tree cutting service.

Trimming excessive growth can boost the tree’s health and also deter insects from entering the tree and causing damage.

It should go without saying but it is also important that whoever handles your tree cutting knows everything about what they are doing. That is because an incorrectly trimmed tree may cause a dangerous situation – one where branches fall and damage property or nearby power lines.

All Silver City Tree Service professionals are trained and insured in order to produce the absolute best results for our clients. We always offer free quotes and always audit a job before work begins in order to ensure that you have a full understanding of what must be done and how we will do it.

Tree cutting also doesn’t have to be in response to a problem. Thinning out dense foliage or branches can increase sunlight and air, which is additionally beneficial to the tree. When properly taken care of, trees provide shade and climate moderation in addition to resisting soil erosion, aiding in good water and air quality and increasing property value and curb appeal.

Please contact us to learn more about our tree cutting services. We offer 24/7 emergency service and free quotes.


tree cutting service

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