June 26, 2017

Keep Your Trees N-I-C-E This Summer

summer tree careThinking about all the dos and do nots of summer tree care can get overwhelming. At Silver City Tree Service, we want to keep things simple for you and help you remember the basics to keeping your trees healthy this season. As the weather warms up, remember these tips to keep your trees N-I-C-E all summer long:

Nurture – Ensuring your trees have adequate water and nutrition is an important step to keeping them healthy and strong to withstand summer storms, insects and disease. Consult with a tree professional to determine the best annual tree care program for your trees or shrubs and follow the recommended guidelines for water, fertilizer and any supplemental nutrition for your soil and climate.

Inspect – Carefully inspect your trees for any signs of stress, disease or pests. Wilting leaves, missing pieces of bark or soil heaving or fungi growth around the tree can be symptoms of a larger problem and are worth investigating.

Cut – Remove any unsafe or unhealthy branches from your trees. A tree professional can advise on the best way to trim a tree to support healthy, sustainable growth. Prune springtime flowering trees or shrubs as needed. Summer is an excellent time to identify any trees that may need removal and start planning for that project before a summer storm hits.

Expect – Plan for worse case scenarios. Make note of any hazardous tress or branches that may fall during a storm and contact a tree care professional to see what he/she recommends. Cabling and bracing are two options that may support a tree during high winds or torrential rain.

Most of all, when in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask a professional. Many reputable tree companies offer free quotes and can suggest solutions that meet your needs and budget. Contact us if we can help you.