August 10, 2017

Tree Trimming: The Benefits & Types

preparing to trim a treeTree trimming is a common service that we provide at Silver City Tree Service. Many people elect to trim a tree due to it encroaching on part of their property – such as coming too close to a house or overtaking a section of the yard. While these reasons are certainly valid, there are plenty of other benefits to trimming a tree.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Providing a uniform shape to your tree
  • Improving the tree’s ability to absorb sunlight
  • Boosting the tree’s immune system & root health
  • Increases air circulation throughout the tree
  • Improving the health of fruit or other crops growing on the tree

When we come to your property for a free estimate we will often recommend one of three kinds of tree trimming.These include:

Fine pruning, which is ideal for small trees that just need to be re-shaped.

Standard pruning may be needed if both small and large branches need to be trimmed.

Crown pruning includes trimming major branches on the tree especially if they have storm damage or disease. In cases where a tree is presenting a threat to a property or power lines, crown pruning is often recommended.

If you’re unsure of whether your tree needs to be trimmed or need a recommendation on what type of trimming would benefit it most, please contact us  for a free, no obligation quote.